Blue Sparrow Press™ is my letterpress brand that I started in June of 2011. My paper goods are handmade in small batches on an antique press. Vintage letterpress type is integrated with collagraph and woodblock print methods to make classic and playful designs. All inks are mixed by hand and printed on FSC certified, 100% recycled, and cotton papers.

My interest in letterpress began in 2002 when I made the invitations for our wedding. My husband inherited a 1930's era Vandercook proof press from his late uncle, along with a collection of vintage and antique type, ornaments, and advertising cuts. For several years I researched and practiced printing on my own until early 2008 when I enrolled in an intensive workshop. Since that time I have continued to work in letterpress, making small prints and cards and also combining it with my mixed media works on paper. In June 2011 Blue Sparrow Press™ was established to represent my letterpress work.

The name Blue Sparrow Press™ is inspired by my maternal grandmother, Nova. My sister and I called her Mama. As a girl, I remember Mama singing the hymn, "His eye is on the sparrow." Up through my years in graduate school she sent me postcards and letters, until she was nearly in her 90's. She passed away in 2003 and today I cherish her letters. I can hold the paper and trace with my finger the words she penned, the tactile impressions of her thoughts. And I don't know if it was a rule, but Mama always used blue ink.

Shop for Blue Sparrow Press goods in my shop or locally at Wonder Fair Gallery.