One of the surprises I mentioned, and really it was a surprise to me, is this Vandercook press. Friday, my husband surprised me by planting it in my studio! I was teaching all day so I had no idea what he was up to. We've had it in our possession for about 6 years but it's been in his shop not being used. So he cleaned it up, dusted off all the type, and he and a friend lugged it up the stairs.
The last thing I used it for was to print part of our wedding invitations and thank you notes on it. I'm excited to to use it again. There are trays of old type; letters, images used in newspapers, etc. Now, I just need some lessons, as I've taken printmaking in intaglio, litho, pronto print, silkscreen, but not letterpress! Anyone know of a good (online) resource? Perhaps I will sign up for a workshop at the Arts Center.

history: This press belonged to M.'s late uncle on his mother's side. Before we married we brought it from his parents' house and put it in his shop, as I didn't have a studio at that point. This is the first time I've had it in my studio.

inspiration:: check out Christy Schneider's lovely letterpress swirly personalized notecards in chocolate & lilac.