beautiful day

At lunch M. and I actually picked up some sub sandwiches {after running a couple errands} and went to eat at the park by the river. The KU rowing team was preparing to practice but we had to leave before they set out in the water. Our picnic lunch together was certainly a rare treat! My lunches {that I pack for teaching days} usually consist of half a PB/J sandwich, carrot & celery sticks, and an apple. I need to shake it up a little, I know.
This afternoon I took a walk to admire the colors. It was so sunny and bright I couldn't resist. We had a frost advisory last night which seemed to intensify the colors.
While it was sunny here, I know there are parts of the country that would really like some rain, ie. the west and southeast. Hoping for some relief for them soon.

: marker drawings by a preschooler.