hellos & thank yous


Well I'm back from my trip to Chicago; it was a fast three days yet I feel I was gone for a week! I've been trying to catch up this weekend on laundry, errands, light reading, rest and goings on. This week one of the things I'll share with you are little tidbits from the trip, including photos of some of the great art I saw.

I appreciate all the wonderful, thoughtful comments you dear readers left about my new wallpaper pinhole project while I was away! It means alot to me! {I pinholed another leaf Saturday; progress one hole at a time, one leaf at a time}

Thank you Maria for your post last Thursday. I'm so happy you're pleased!

Susan has uploaded some new work from the "Mapping the Way" show to the Artstream online shop, including some of my pinhole pieces. Go check it out. Thank you Susan! Also, go check out Susan's most recent art uploaded to her etsy shop. This one is my favorite.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and are ready to say hello to Monday!

till soon...