seeing some early american inspiration...

One of my favorite exhibits at The Art Institute of Chicago was the early American Art. I took many picutres in this exhibit, here's one for now.

1} ceramics {I'm enjoying the patterns, writing, and simplicity.}
2} detail of my pinhole piece "leaf and it's pattern", now available at artstream.
3} walking michigan avenue in chicago thursday evening on the way to the museum, bustling with the anticipation of seeing some art and "filling my art tank" {as a friend of mine once said}.
4} a decorative {sunflower} manhole cover on my block here in kansas.

I will be thinking of these things today as I work on the leaves of my wallpaper pinhole project. I hope you feel inspired today!
~ Heather

ps. oh, I've been working on the gifts for the ladies who signed up for my PIF... shhhh, surprise.