5 facts

        my sister {left} and myself, 1981

Good Saturday to you!
I'm procrastinating cleaning the house by doing this post.
I have been tagged by Karin : her blog : her flickr. Thank you Karin for thinking of me!

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my five facts:
. A memory: Once when my sister and I were riding trikes {her} and kick'n'go {me} in the front of our grandmother's apartment, I felt something hit the back of my head/neck. I start yelling at my sister {she was riding behind me} because I thought she had thrown a stick at me. My grandmother starts laughing {she always used to get so tickled, and laugh so much that her eyes would water, I loved that} because she knew what had happened... A bird flew overhead and pooped on me.

.. I always put my sock on my right foot before my left, and then my right shoe before my left. If I did it left first it would be like doing a backwards cartwheel {but I don't remember the last time I did a cartwheel}, or getting on a bike from a different side. I just have to do that way; I don't know why.

... One of my favorite treats is a good non-fat latte with pieces of dark chocolate. bliss.

.... In the fall and winter I wear a scarf EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm always so much warmer if my neck is warm. Thankfully my mom is an avid knitter, and I have quite a collection of her scarves. Thanks Mom!

..... My favorite place to be right now is here, in my studio {built by this man}, working on this project.

...... I'm throwing in a sixth fact: I am very thankful and appreciative of all of you who visit here. I've met and am meeting many interesting and artistic people and I'm so glad! Thank you!

I am tagging these undoubtedly creative people whom I love to visit daily: Alicia, and you must go see beautiful Alicia's interview yesterday on the glass doorknob, it's fabulous!, Florence, Gretchen, Julie, Kathleen

Now I must go clean. Have a good weekend!