pumpkin muffins for sunday brunch

In elementary school {I think 2nd grade} our class made a cookbook. Each child brought in their favorite recipe, this was mine. My mom will correct me if I'm wrong, {and I say that lovingly because now I want her to} but I think this recipe came from the * Zevely House in Winston Salem. {or maybe I'm making that up} Regardless of where they came from they're still my absolute all time favorite muffin. My husband says "they're old timey"; it must be the molasses.

* About the Zevely House
"Antiques and a fireplace decorate this house, which dates back to 1815. It was constructed by Van Neuman Zevely, a Moravian cabinetmaker, and became the center of his plantation. In 1974, the building was hauled to its present site and authentically restored....The brown sugar pound cake is always a good choice. A fireplace keeps the place snug in winter,..." {more here.}