Artstream show opening tonight!

        "pieces of Mama's letters", pg. 6, pinholes & colored pencil on paper, matted 12 1/2" x 14".
        for mapping the way show at artstream opening tonight!

To you dear readers,

In my work I am often concerned with telling stories so I want to tell you a little bit about this brand new work for the show.

This piece is page six in a series of eight original pinhole pieces. For this series I literally had a vision {or mental picture} of what I wanted the work to look like. Sometimes this happens as I'm starting to fall asleep. When it does happen I have to jot it down in my sketchbook or else it is liable to completely disappear.

The mental picture included spiral imagery floating on some pages alone and on pages with text or writing. The writing in this series is from a letter my late maternal grandmother {Mama} wrote to me while I was in graduate school. I transcribed sections of her letters to pinhole in her handwriting, one hole at a time. What a connection handwriting makes between people in a time when so much correspondence is typed and sent through wires. It was also significant to me to pierce holes in the paper in her hand.

In her letters Mama would waft from subject to subject, relaying her inner thoughts and things going on around her. The spirograph imagery is important as an image in that where the line begins, it also ends; it is one line. Finding my way through her letters I pick up thoughts where she left them and connect the pieces.

thank you for listening!

: Susan, if you get a moment, I left you a little something here.

: And folks here is a glimpse into Susan's studio at Artstream; it is a bright and creative place!


Susan has been doing interviews all week with the artists in the show. Today she posted mine! Go check them all out!

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