my root vegetable cobbler

Good late morning to you,
This morning I was unable to be on the computer {so as not to wake M.} at my usual early hour with my cup of coffee, so I wrote out this recipe for you on paper. I make this dish to take for Thanksgiving and have adapted it from this cookbook recipe. So it's really a kind of vegetable pot pie. It is good, warming, textural, and a little perky with the turnips. And I do have a small star cutter that I use for the biscuit pieces on top. You can use whatever shape you have.

I'm going to work on my Wallpaper Pinhole Project today, yippee! Tomorrow I'll start making this cobbler and the dessert, the two things I'm in charge of. The dessert is pumpkin gooey bars with fresh whipped cream. It is quite a yummy recipe and everyone seems to like them!

What are your favorite dishes?

Until soon,