new star mini

Hello friends and family,

I worked in the studio today on my WALLPAPER PINHOLE PROJECT and will share that progress with you soon. This is a new star mini ornament {about 1.5 inches} I made the other evening. I think I will make a bunch of them to adorn my studio charlie brown tree {branch}. I have been making some other ornaments recently that I will share soon too.

My parents sent us a tin of homemade cookies today. My mom loves to make cookies, she's already made 28 varieties this season! Thank you Mom and Dad! {We've tried one of each on the top layer already.}

: a beautiful origami chandelier by Takayuki Senzaki, found by Bibbi. See Bibbi's beautiful garlands here and here.

: flickr favorites

I think I'll go have a cookie, see you soon!...