spoons & leaves

{second photo} When I got home from a long day of teaching Friday afternoon, a wonderful gift from maria was in my mailbox!! We were swap partners for Jen's photo swap. Two additional photographs are underneath these from A NEW EMPTINESS PROJECT. I put the photo of the spoons up right away on my studio wall. Thank you Maria!!!

Saturday I started the pinhole process on my new BIG project that I mentioned in a prior post. I'm starting a WALLPAPER PINHOLE PROJECT. I've been imagining doing a large scale pinhole work for over a year and recently have been doing a little research on the history of making wallpaper.

October 30 marked the official beginning. The project will be ongoing {I imagine for a number of years} and will comprise pieces of various sizes and patterns. The detail image above is from the first piece, which will probably be the smallest. Saturday I completed these two leaves.

: WALLPAPER PINHOLE PROJECT, SHEET ONE, lemon geranium pattern; sheet size 20" x 28".

I took a walk with my camera today to catch the colors before they blow away.
I hope you had a nice weekend and for those of you in the New England area I hope you're well after a weathery weekend!