chilly Monday

Good morning to you on this chilly Monday,

How was your weekend? Are you celebrating Christmas? We decorated our little Charlie Brown tree last night, I'll share a picture soon. I'm still enjoying seeing your decorations! If you like, share a link to a photo of your decorations in the comment post.

And I'm nearly finished with the JOYful JOYful cards and will share that with you tomorrow {as long as we still have electricity}. I hope to complete the printing tonight after teaching today.

We're expecting an ice storm starting tonight, 1/2 in. up to 1 inch. I'm hoping that power line in the photo above doesn't go down! Or I'll be wearing ten layers instead of four or five. Yuck. I'd rather have snow.

Well I think we're going to buckle down here and try to stay warm. You stay warm and well too!!

have a nice one,

Susan's new gocco card.
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