tags and traditions

      some snowflake mini-card, letterpress on cardstock, 2.5 in. x 3 in. when folded. I made these on Tuesday.

Good morning everyone,

It has become quite a regular thing now that in the morning when I work at the computer one of my cats, Bootsie settles herself in my lap. Right now her head is resting on my arm, not so easy to type this way. This is our "girl time", so she stays.

Recently I have been tagged {individually} by two talented ladies, Jeana who has a show opening this weekend at Taylor De Cordoba Gallery in LA. and by Kristen. Kristen and I met ten years ago when we were resident artists together. She is a fabulous ceramic artist and in addition to selling her work in galleries, she has just opened up an etsy shop!

I participated in this tag last month {naming five random facts about yourself} so now I'm going to share a few of my favorite Christmas traditions in our family.

1} Every year my husband and I go visit my family on the coast of South Carolina for Christmas. Since the weather is usually nice we are able to take walks on the beach, in the forest preserve and ride bikes. It's so great to be in the fresh air after shivering here in Kansas!

2} My Dad is quite the bread baker artisan. Christmas morning he makes homemade cinnamon rolls or cinnamon swirl bread. We eat this for breakfast around the time we open stockings. I always look forward to his breads.

3} My sister and I usually have some crafty time together to make something for Mom. One year we made a tree skirt for the living room tree, and another year we've hand stenciled a table cloth and napkins for the dining table. I always enjoy this time with her. We have another project scheduled for this year, wait that's next week!!

4} We attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service. The last hymn that we sing is Silent Night, while everyone is holding their candles high in the air. It is really beautiful.

5} My Mom has two trees in the house; a live tree in the front hall with all white ornaments and a faux tree in the living room with ornaments from nearly every year for the past 30+ years! Each year my sister and I make new ones to add to the tree. Seeing the years accumulated on the tree is always a good reminiscence.

** Now instead of tagging others, I invite you to share one of your favorite Christmas traditions you share with your family and friends.

Have a bright day,