do you want to go for a little walk?

My sweet and funny friend Teeni tagged me a little while back to do a 100 meter photoshow of what's around the neighborhood. Saturday when it was snowing here, I walked up our street a couple blocks with my camera.

looking up to my studio door.

my bootprint and an ash tree by the studio.

the sidewalk path in front of our house.

this is at the end of our block, looking up towards KU campus, that's Fraser Hall at the top of the hill with flags on the building. The other brick building is the junior high school. In the summer M. and I liked to play tennis on their outdoor courts.

One more block south this is the roofline of the garden center, where I bought our little tree. In the evening hundreds of chimney swifts swoop into that chimney for the night. It is an orchestrated event. We noticed it one evening as we were walking to the grocery store.

I then turned around and walked back because the wind was blowing briskly and it was cold. Like I said, a little walk.

A lot of the polaroids I took in August for my AUGUST POLAROID PROJECT were taken around the neighborhood, when things were green! Thanks for going on a little walk with me!

It's Monday, again. Are you in crunch time as I am finishing projects for gifts? No, you're probably all ready.

I hope it's a good day for you!