I don't think we're in South Carolina anymore...

Hello friends!
We are back from visiting family for Christmas. It was 25 degrees here last night when we returned. In South Carolina yesterday morning it was 70 degrees when we left! We had a great time with my family and I have a lot of pictures to upload.

Our three kitties were happy to see us and now Jack is snuggled in my lap. I'm cleaning today {how does the house get dirty when we're not even here?!} I'm about to get out the vacuum & the mop. I also have some blog reading to catch up on; my feeds are full. I was hoping to return to some mail but the postal deliverer didn't resume delivery, so I'll have to wait until Monday. {sad face here.}

How are you doing? Are you mentally preparing for the close of one year and start of another? I'm just beginning to think about that. I'm starting to think about my goals and aspirations I suppose. What are you looking forward to in the new year? Hmmm, things to ponder...

Back to work for me!

Take care,