reflections and aspirations

Good last day of 2007 to you friends and family,

Are you reflecting on this past year as I am? You may have events you are thankful for and ones you are ready to close. I'm making a mental list of those and of my aspirations for the coming year. A new year starts fresh, full of hope doesn't it? I'm not making resolutions exactly because I usually end up disappointing myself. Instead I'm thinking of them as goals and hopes, with room to change as necessary. Life is always a work in progress, right?

I appreciate so much your words yesterday about what you are thankful for; you each had thought provoking comments to share. I am thankful for each of you, your kindness, creativity, and the way you share with others on your own blogs. I look forward to knowing you more in the year to come.

I wish you all peace, joy and love throughout the entire year.

I hope your last day of 2007 ends with a bang!