poking holes, sneezing, drawing,

Today I had a good day doing studio work at home on the new pinhole pieces and some new drawings. The sky was also a clear and beautiful blue, as it was six years ago today.

Check out the pencil shavings here; it had apparently been a while since I last emptied my pencil sharpener, it was as packed as a bird's nest.

Is anyone else having major allergies right now? In between sneezing hysterically and tending to my nose, (the herbal tea is "breathe easy", probably works better for colds) I did manage to do a good amount of pinhole work on these pieces. They are inspired by my late grandmother's letters. I think there will be ten pieces in this series.

I also started some new drawings. They are 4 1/2 in. x 6 in., graphite, watercolor and colored pencil. I made six of them today, this is number SIX.