studio work : part 2

Hello all,

I mentioned yesterday I would post studio images from the past so I want to share with you the work of my parents.

I grew up in an artistic and creative family. My dad was a potter and my mom was a weaver. The top image is from dad's studio probably about 30 years ago and the second is my mom teaching a weaving class around 1980 at Arrowmont.

    {Mom, are you wondering where this image came from? Last year when I taught a painting workshop at Arrowmont, I went through their slide library {link to Arrowmont history} and found this! Karen Green, the gallery director said this is "magic" and that I have to have a copy, so she made me one. Yesterday when I was washing my hair, I remembered I had this on disc. Voila! An early birthday surprise to you Mom!}

The bottom image is me painting {or just mixing the paint} in dad's clay shop when I was about three years old. Maybe nothing has really changed...

Thank you for joining me on a little history trip,