what can a january monday be?

      {a calm weekend here.}

Good Monday all,

How are you today? You're ready for a new week aren't you? Are those groans I am hearing? I'm with you. But I must say I wake up most mornings now wondering what there will be to notice. It makes January endurable and more interesting. And I certainly walk home after teaching on M-W-F's with a quicker step knowing I will see what lovely photo Alicia has taken for the day! {Did you see that Amanda Soule linked to our project on her blog? Thank you Amanda. I like her post today too.}

Throughout the week I want to share with you six new drawings and there may be a surprise or two {I hope} as well. Last week for me was in the doldrums so I am happy {and hoping} for a brighter week. We may get a little snow by Wednesday which could be lovely.

What are you looking forward to this week?