Good morning friends

Good morning friends,

Was your weekend fulfilling? Mine went quickly, in fact I'm surprised it's over! There were many nice highlights, including dinner out Friday with Matt, taking late afternoon walks to enjoy the brief warm weather, and making peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Saturday night to share with a friend.

I have three tags to share, and I will start this morning with one from Karin. She asked "Do you have any long-time wishes or heart-projects?" ~ One thing I have always wanted to do is form a scholarship fund for college students pursuing an art degree at my alma mater{s}. Scholarships were so important to me in undergraduate and graduate school. I would like to someday return at least a portion of the benefit to other aspiring artists. ~ I wonder what your 'heart project' may be?

OH, We hope to share our Noticing news either later today or tomorrow! Yippee!

Have a nice Monday,