a quiet week

1} on my studio table
2} the sky yesterday evening
3} beauty by others : 1. Blowing by Tracy, 2. eat your fruits + veggies by Jen, 3. Untitled by Sandra, 4. twine by Shari
ps. I've always wanted to try glassblowing!

Good morning,

It's still dark this morning here as I type and the clouds are hanging low. It is getting light later and dark early and this change always makes me cozy in. I guess I've been resting a little this week, drinking lots of hot chocolate, stitching a few more hearts and sending them off [cheer & thank you!], and I really don't know where the whole week went. Do you?

} Shanna's interview at Indie Fixx.
} Thank you Julie & Kathryn for your sweet post this week.
} Some [funny] faces. :)
} And Abby's photography really is beautiful.

I just picked up the November issue of Gourmet and hope to dive into their vegetarian Thanksgiving feature some more this weekend. Parsnips, artichokes, and cranberries, oh my!

have a good one,