little bits

Good morning,

It's a new week! It's sunny here, crisp, and I'm so happy to see blue skies again. Last night we were expecting our first freezing temperatures so we harvested some peppers and lettuce and covered things as well. I also picked a bunch of flowers expecting to find them all bitten this morning.

} There's still time to apply for Second Storie! It's not too late to email those photos and dash the application in the mail!
} It's a week of polaroids over here.
} Tomorrow will be our last collection at echoes.
} I added three new sequin hearts to the shop this morning.

Now I'm up to the studio to work on my next letterpress card. What's on your early week agenda?

Thanks for stopping by today,

ps. Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos to blogger? They're uploading in a funny size and I'm having to resize the code.