I'm thinking HOPE

[china that belonged to my husband's great grandmother | working on a new letterpress card]


Today as I was letterpress printing a hundred big blue starbursts and listening to all the election commentary on NPR, I found myself saying H O P E, H O P E,
H O P E, over and over to myself.

While I am feeling a little uneasy right now, I don't want to express all that I'm unsettled or concerned about. Rather, I'm going to decide to focus on hope. And focus on making art. And think of the ways that art and hope overlap. How art has the ability to inspire and communicate hope and meaning. Yes, art and the handmade has a place, an important place, in our lives and in our minds and hearts. It has a role to play, it has a job to do.

Yes, I'd rather think about all of that. And think about my job as an artist, as a person who wants others lives to be affected in positive ways.

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} you are beautiful by Michael McDowell/mudpuppy.

in hope,