a note on beauty

[alternates from the week | beauty from friends and beauty from God]

Good morning,

It's Friday. Can you believe it? Already!

Thank you for all your thoughts about hope the other day, I feel like we're all in hope together. And that's a wonderful feeling!

A kind reader commented on beauty which has made me think and notice beauty in recent days. [thank you :) ]. Yesterday as I was driving back from visiting two dear friends I thought about the beauty of friendship. The beauty of onion tart, spinach salad with strawberries & almonds, and chocolate molten cakes! The beauty of Rachel's amazing wall of hundreds of polaroids. The beauty of others who send so many sweet wishes.

Driving past farmlands I noticed so many hues of gold, that seemed only more golden in the warm sun. I thought of the clusters of fuzzy cows grazing by large trees and ponds. And the sun scattering diamonds on the surface of those ponds.

Each of these moments of beauty are wonderful reminders that bring joy, hope, peace, and comfort. And they remind me of something greater. And that brings even more joy.

So I hope you are finding moments of beauty this autumn or spring, wherever you may be.

I wish you a beautiful weekend,