grey & color

[both recent Noticing Project alternates]

Good evening,

I am finding it hard to believe it is evening already because it seems it was just morning. And the light didn't really change much today. It was grey the whole time. I don't think the sun ever made it into the sky. As much as I enjoy wearing neutrals [in fact I'm wearing army green cords and black] I am needing to enjoy light and color. How about you?

Have you seen :
} Susannah's beautiful photographs lately? This month she's giving a set of postcards with every purchase, pretty sweet.
} Or visited Stephanie's shop? She is always coming up with something new. She also has a gift for you this month. The color in this really perks me up.
} And I came upon Sharon Montrose's shop last night. If you're an animal lover, these should make you smile. Check out her website too.

Tomorrow or Thursday I'll give you a sneak peek of what's to come in my shop update and Jen & I will have Inspired work to share.

I hope the sun comes out soon don't you?