thank you

[the glorious sunset tonight]

Hi friends,

I am thrilled to tell you I just completed the donation process to Habitat for Humanity International with your gracious help. Thank you to all of you for your kind words, support and purchases of the sequin hearts from my shop over the past number of weeks. Thirty-five hearts sold {far beyond what I imagined!} and the 40% profits that went to Habitat could purchase the following supplies :

25 boxes of nails OR
2 1/2 kitchen sinks OR
3 1/2 windows OR
5 low flow toilets OR
1 front door + 1 kitchen sink

The proceeds will go to "help build houses and hope" in the most needed areas. Thank you so much for your aid in this project!!!

And with that in mind and heart I will be taking a break here for a bit to celebrate Christmas and spend time with family. I'll likely pop in at flickr and of course we will finish out the year at the Noticing Project!

I hope you have a blessed Christmas dear friends!