Well hello! How are you? I feel I have been away from this space a long time! Did you have a good Christmas, and a relaxing time with family? I hope so. We had a wonderful visit with mine at the beach and now we are back in Kansas.

I'm trying to get my bearings today. Yet I am sitting here looking at beach photos and procrastinating all the cleaning I need to do. But I think I'm about geared up to get that knocked out. Because after I finish cleaning I will work in the studio! Ideas are forming in my mind {inspired by winter, the sand and ocean, and austere imagery} and I'm excited to paint, draw, and print them out. It's such a good feeling, to have new ideas!

In the shop, I just marked 20% off half the stock of my original art and letterpress goods.

I'll be back here in a day or two to wish you happy new year and share some news!