my sister at the beach

It's time {already} to say goodbye to one year and hello to another. I really feel 2008 flew by, I mean I remember distinct moments of the first days of this year like they were five minutes ago! I am thankful for this year and all the blessings it brought my husband and I. I hope you have some warm memories of 2008 as well.

Yet I am looking to 2009, to the openness of it like an open window of fresh air. I see new commitments, challenges, and adventures.

Today, on the last day of the year, I will be working quietly in my studio, starting a new series of drawings for an upcoming show. Ending a year with beginnings, that seems ok to me.

Something else new {that I've been silently excited about for some time} will be announced tonight over here, I hope you can stop by.

Well friends I hope that your new year is greeting you with faithful promise and much hope. Thank you for visiting me here, taking the time to look and read and share your thoughts. Each one of you makes this space so much brighter!

See you in 2009!