Inspired project


I recently mentioned I am beginning a new collaboration. In December Jen {simply photo : simply breakfast : simply photo shop} asked if I would be interested in a collaborative project this year. YES!!! was my reply! How honored am I at the invitation because, well, we all love her and her work!!

So, we now embark on an eleven month project called Inspired. She thought of this wonderful idea that pairs our media together and will create, I think, a beautiful body of work. Here's how it works: at the beginning of each month we will email a photograph and a drawing to each other and we will each make a piece in response to it. We are then going to mail the "inspired" piece to each other and post them all together at the end of the month. Sounds exciting doesn't it?!!

She emailed me her beautiful photo above {and I emailed her a drawing} and this month I will make a drawing inspired by her photo and she will make a photo inspired by my drawing. I am already inspired! Thank you Jen for asking me to be part of this.

I hope your weekend is inspired,