Monday Monday

      the first orders from the shop are going to their new homes today. thank you soooo much!

Good Monday morning,

Well, it is back to teaching today for me, my spring break studio week is now over. It was a wonderful week. I was talking with a friend at brunch yesterday {who is also a teacher} and we were saying how we were so much calmer when we were able to focus on one thing and not be pulled in different directions. Do you ever feel that way? I was able to concentrate on art, and I even worked late into the night some evenings, which is unusual for me. I have to say, my sights are set on summer now...

I made four new minis, that have imagery inspired by spring garden planting. They will go in the shop super soon {as early as tonight}. I really like them. I'll let you know when.
We {and when I say we, I mean my husband} got our compost spread around and worked into the soil this weekend. And he planted three rows of sugar snaps. Are you going to plant a garden?

Did you have a good weekend or week? What's in your sights for your week to come? {wow, i seem to be full of questions today.}

a smile for you,