nature's first green is gold

sunday afternoon polaroid : two new petite pinhole pieces in the shop, "branch and flower" & "forsythia"

Good Sunday evening to you all,

Do you ever encounter something, a new goal perhaps, and think "I could use an accountability partner for this. To help me through it." Do you? I have something I want to work on this week: my attitude. All last week I was feeling grumpy and discouraged, partly because the week was so busy and I was just r-u-n-n-i-n-g the entire time; only today did I kind of slow down. So I'm telling you {be/c I know a couple of you who will check me on this} in case I get cranky you can tell me to 'just stop it'.

I like to have things to look forward to and this week I look forward to sharing these with you:
* Jen and I will show the April pieces for Inspired
* The children I teach are having their annual art show in the gallery this week, I'll snap some pics to show you.
* Sending my work off to the LA Show.
* maybe some images from a roll of film I'm about to finish, if any of them turn out!

*And something I'm thankful for today is the encouragement from friends, that always come at a much needed time.

I have to think that this is going to be a good week. It just has to be. Don't you think?

Let's hope together,