happy long weekend friends!

          my new alicia apron : matt and jack at lunch

happy saturday to you!

Alicia stopped by this morning with her family [on their way to go camping] and dropped off the apron I ordered from her shop. I will be wearing this daily as I paint in the studio and draw outside this summer. It's so nice, thank you Alicia!

What are your plans for the long weekend? Grilling, going to the lake or beach, gardening, cleaning out the garage?? [scratch that last one] I think we'll work in the garden some, there's a rabbit chomping off our cauliflower leaves and we need to keep him/them out somehow. I think too perhaps I should make some strawberry shortcake with some of our garden strawberries that are ripening, with fresh whipping cream. yum oh yum.

Did you see the interview with Jennifer Judd-Mcgee at Stephanie Levy's blog? It's another good one!

I hear the ice cream truck going down our street right now,,, summer.

let me know what you're up to this weekend, won't you?