diamond shaped light

my watercolor paper towel from working on my response to Jen's May Inspired piece : more drawings of foxes

Good morning,

Thank you everyone for all your comments on yesterday's post about the fox sightings you've had! Aren't they beautiful creatures? I did some more drawings of them yesterday and am even more intrigued with them. The paper towel above is from working on my response to Jen's May Inspired piece. I imagine she and I will be sharing that with you within the next few days!

I'm feeling antsy to work on some larger drawings. This wall sized piece by Kiki Smith is soooo intriguing to me right now. The wheels are churning in my head.

And yet I enjoy making the new work I'm doing for the shop. I will run 2-3 limited series original drawings for the summer. One of them will be a series of pinhole pieces. Perhaps I'll give a sneak peek tomorrow, but the series will be launched in early June, I'm still picking a date. But I'm really liking them and they feel fresh to me.

Also I am sure I have everyone one of you to thank for the fact that this morning I reached the 100'th sale in the shop! I never would have imagined it would have happened this soon [at least I feel so] and YOU each with your gracious support have helped with that! I too think it is a God thing. I am very thankful.

I think it will be sunny today, I'm hoping it is for all of us!