a field of white pinhole flowers

...or at least that's what I imagine.
I'm adding this piece this morning to the shop. It's number FOUR in the series of TEN new pinhole pieces I'm making this summer inspired by antique and vintage wallpapers.

Yesterday I worked on little details with my packaging. Like where I place my letterpress tags and there's a new surprise message stamped on the bag, that you see when you open it up. That makes me happy.

Something else that makes me happy is this feature that Melissa did on my work and additional artists today as part of the Melissa Loves series at Creature Comforts. I just read it and wow. She is truly kind, sincere, and lovely. Thank you Melissa and Ez! I really really am grateful!

one more thing...
It seems a number of people have been having computer woes this week, electricity outages, and not to mention high temps, flooding and even house/apt. fires. If this is you I'm sorry and hope your situations improve soon. I'm thinking about you.

It's friday! What are you doing this weekend?