{run-on} thinking

[page from AUGUST POLAROID PROJECT of last August, 8.18.07 : click image to view large]

[starting a new piece yesterday in the studio : sometimes it helps me to see where a piece begins]


First, I just want to thank you for the wonderful comments you've been sharing here, I love it! Each one makes me smile and I think, "wow, these are great people!"

Do you ever have so much going on or so many ideas in your head that you can't get them out fast enough? And maybe when they do come out they're jumbled?

I love having ideas, because let's face it, when they're not there, it feels really frustrating. Right now I'm working on how to process and execute these ideas and for some reason revisiting my AUGUST POLAROID PROJECT is helping me think.
I have new & ongoing projects running concurrently, balancing new work for the shop and galleries. Sometimes it seems like alot. And right now I'm happy to be busy, I'm not complaining. Every time I walk into my studio I think to myself "God, thank you for this place that I can come to and make things."

Thank you for letting me share my run-on process thinking here this morning. Is there anything you'd like to process/vent/figure out today?


ps. oh, sunprint paintings from yesterday's image are going in the shop.