so what was the best part of your day?

Good evening dear people,

Today was quite a busy day here, how was it with you?
I worked on putting together about nine new pieces to take to Kansas City for the First Friday gallery walk this Friday. I deliver them tomorrow.
I'm really happy with how they look [and couldn't have done it without the help of some very sweet folks!] and I am excited to see them in place. I'll share where they'll be with you tomorrow.

ALSO My next big shop update is Monday June 9th! [whew that's soon!] I'll show you what's in store for that on Friday. I'm thrilled about that work as well!

Sometimes at the end of a day I'll ask my husband, "what was the best part of your day?".
So, may I ask you,,, What was the best part of YOUR day?

I look forward to hearing,