hello sunshine

[new series of original paintings/drawings with sunprints]

Good Friday morning,

It was such a relief to wake up this morning to a sunny and calm sky. All day yesterday the clouds were in a hurried whirl. Thankfully, we missed most of the bad stuff. I hope you in the midwest were spared as well!

Above is a sneak peek of some of the brand new work I'll be putting in the shop Monday for my update. This is a limited series of original paintings with sunprints collaged with the drawing and paint media. I really am enjoying the blue, it feels so fresh to me right now and indicative of summer. It has been fun too making the sunprints and trying different objects and printing my own drawings.

These works along with the pinhole series [which will only have TEN pieces in all] will be added through June and July.

Today is my first day back teaching for the summer and will be teaching on Fridays in June/July.
Tonight we go into Kansas City for First Fridays and will meet up with Alicia and her family to go see Hannah's show at the fabulous Habitat.

I hope you have a sunny day and weekend!