tofu & email bugs

[more noticing from yesterday : i think these signs are kind of funny : "beef, it's what's for dinner". Kansas also grows alot of soybeans,,, what do you think of one that says "tofu, it's what's for dinner." ??]

Good Saturday morning,

Thank you for all the kind things you said about my new work I shared with you yesterday. I'm excited for the shop update, and am planning to spare things down a bit, and streamline the work. That's my hope & vision anyway.

I wasn't expecting to post again until Monday but I wanted to let you know that my website and web email seem to be down, so if you have emailed me at contact[at] since Thursday I have not gotten it. I am sorry. I don't know what the problem is and cannot access my sitehost company to report. Perhaps they're doing some kind of changeover. Who knows. Please use this email address in the future: hrsmith74 [at] hotmail. com. Thank you! Behind the scenes I have been in the beginning stages of building a new website, yippee!

Hannah's show was great and it was so fun to walk around with Alicia last night! I had a few pieces of my new work up as well at Byron Cohen, in their inventory gallery. That was nice too.

have a great weekend,