dots and dashes

Good morning to you,

It seems I was just sitting here a moment ago typing 'yay! it's friday!'. And look where we are now. Friday! Summer is really flying past like a jet plane. Does it feel that way to you?

- You may see me over here today, at Stephanie Levy's blog, a studio with a view. She does a series of interviews with artists who blog, go check out her previous interviews. They're a really good read! Oh and she just updated her shop with some brand new collages in gorgeous citrus colors. I like this one.

- I'm really enjoying making work for echoes; letting that work be the punctuation at the end of my day and making it without the critics in my head.

- I put a new things in the shop yesterday, including piece three from the oceans and wheat series, detail above.

- Today's my teaching day. I wonder what I'll learn from the children today?

- I'd like to do more work in our garden, hammer out some paperwork, and make some new pieces this weekend. And maybe just take a lazy stroll downtown to get some ice cream. What are you up to?

have a good one and until soon,