Good morning,

Since I got my plane tickets yesterday to go visit my family at the beach, I remembered some photos I took on our last visit. This week Shari has been posting some of her photos rescued from her trash folder. These two above are what I found in my 'trash' or 'recycling bin'.

I'm antsy to finish this new pinhole piece. It will be the largest pinhole piece or work on paper that I've offered in the shop thus far. I hope to list it today. It's the first piece of a new series that I've been brewing in my mind; a series of pinhole works inspired by leaves of different kinds. I like the way this one feels almost weightless in the space.

I want to say thank you for all your comments yesterday and of late. I wish I could make a peach cobbler to share with all of you! Wouldn't that be fun?

sending you a smile,

*update - That new pinhole piece that I was antsy to finish is now completed and listed in the shop. whew.