birds eye view

[bird's eye view collage by Rick Beerhorst]

Good morning,

Guess what. It's Friday. Again. Every single Friday I wonder how this happens. How it gets here so quickly. Why is that? Are we busier? Or is time going faster because we don't want it to? Hmmm.

It's raining here this morning. We needed a little rain, the ground was beginning to get big cracks in it.

I slept horribly last night. I don't know why you need to know that. It's just something I'm thinking about as I look at my full day of teaching kiddos. It will hit me after lunch I'm afraid. Do you get a sleepy slump in the day?

Ok, what I really want to show you are the woodblock prints I ordered from artist Rick Beerhorst. I've been aware of him for several years as he and I share a gallery together. Recently however I came upon his etsy shop. In addition to woodblock prints, he makes some beautiful paintings, reminiscent of early american art / icon paintings. His work makes me want to take a jab at woodblock printing. I wonder how that would work? I think it would be different.

Ok, I need to go refill my coffee cup. Today calls for two cups of coffee.

Melissa B., if you're reading this, [well even if you're not] I'm thinking about you today.

Have a great weekend!