as thoughts wander

Yesterday on my walk home from the post office I stopped in the used bookshop at the sight of this in the window. It's "William Christenberry The Early Years, 1954-1968" by J. Richard Gruber, isbn 0817309608. I felt like letting my mind wander as I skimmed the images and then the other shelves.

I grew up in the 'south' as did he and so I feel a kind of familiarity to some of the imagery and yet a distance from that era. To me, Christenberry's work brings to light the southern vernacular in a way that is stark like the twinge of pain from a splinter and yet it's as nuanced as honey.

When I was in undergraduate school I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Christenberry in his studio while with a group of students on a business of art trip. I remember he had a piece of advice that really stuck with me. He said, 'as an artist, always save your best[favorite] pieces [from each series] for your own collection. so you and your family will have them.'

Next week I look forward to letting my thoughts wander some more as I read this book and sit in a beach chair with two of my favorite people beside me, overlooking the Atlantic.

Is someone inspiring you today?

till soon,