Inspired : 6

[Inspired : 6 | Heather : Jen]

Hi everyone! How are you?!!
We returned this morning from our vacation at the beach and a wonderful visit with my family. Today I've been cleaning and doing laundry galore. This week I'll share a few photos from the beach. I honestly didn't take too many, as I was simply enjoying being there.

Tonight I want to share with you our July duo for Inspired with Jen's response. Isn't it gorgeous?! I really love the density, texture, and I can't escape the sense that the stone is the weight in a memory. What's your impression?
She posted our July duo here with my response to her piece.
If you'd like to see the entire series thus far, click here.

Tomorrow I hope to start updating the shop with new work, reminiscent of this piece.

till soon!