peaches & sunshine

Good Monday morning to you!

I hope you had a delightful weekend,,, did you? The weather was so nice here, yesterday I sat outside and read. Then we did some weeding and discovered some of our lettuces had reseeded, so hopefully we'll have new lettuce in the fall. Right now we're getting some green beans, tomatoes of various kinds, beets, and peppers. This is the last of our peaches and one of our apples. We had only a handful of apples from our little tree. They're kind of tart.

Some of you have been asking me about the art card subscriptions, thank you so much! I'll share all the details with you [probably] tomorrow but until then I have added some info here in the announcement section at the top. The subscriptions will go on sale this Wednesday morning.

Did you see this lemony eye chart poster you can print out? It's a special gift for Poppytalk readers. [That reminds me, I got new glasses, I'll have to show you!]

I enjoyed browsing through these images this weekend.

And if Monday mornings are not your cheeriest, check out this post for a ray of sunshine.

till soon,