so many things & ...


There's so many things to see today!

+ Alicia is having a giveaway, go check it out.
+ Did you see that Sarah is having a celebratory birthday giveaway [psst., her birthday is Monday] of a set of her personalized letterpress cards? Don't miss this either, I'm telling you.
+ Go read Camilla's interview at Stephanie's blog.
+ And did you see the preview of Old School?

[tone change]
I've been feeling rather abstract lately and wanting so much to be able to take a photograph of that feeling. I came upon some beautiful Hasselblad photos last night that left an impression on me. Rach, you will want to go check them out for sure. ps. Happy Birthday!

Also, two evenings ago while I was driving home, there was a massive [and i do mean massive] flock of dark colored birds swooping across the pinky-violet sky and landing on an electric line. I said out loud, [to myself] I wish I had a camera!
Sometimes I guess it's important just to notice, even if there's no physical impression left.

have a great weekend!