an everyday wonderful weekend

[film : peeling paint on a neighbor's shed]


How was your weekend? I hope you had moments of laughter and relaxation.
The highlight of mine was when these two gals came into town. We ate dinner out and talked for nearly six hours! The time literally flew by, and I couldn't believe it was so late when we closed down the restaurant. It was fun, so fun.

This weekend also called for a little routine cleaning and something I use every day is a whisk broom. I recently bought a new one made of tied broom corn bristles since our old plastic-handled one broke. Who needs more plastic? Not me. I always prefer something handmade. These are nice, but check this one out. And who says I'm too practical? Speaking of housekeeping, this morning the beautiful Poppytalk newsletter appeared in my inbox, it has some nice tips and preview of the week to come. Sign up here.

And lastly my husband and I enjoyed a quiet dinner last night sitting at the kitchen table with the windows open. Just listening to the summer bugs. Yes, summer, bugs. We made a pasta sauce with our garden onions, hot and bell peppers, and roma tomatoes. With a slice of local bakery sourdough bread/butter, it was just right.

I'd like to hear about your weekend if you got a moment,,,


ps. Goodness gracious, I just remembered, my blog turned one year old this past Saturday. How did that happen?