[my image w/ a friend's thought : noticing alternate | "this is summer saying goodbye. the fruit, the light, the empty space." Emily]


Whew, life got very busy very quickly this week! Did it for you? Things are going full swing with preparing for a new school year. Today we attended the most interesting inservice workshop on art therapy. I learned so much about how different art activities engage a person and it just reverifies for me why arts are so vital to children [and people of all ages]. [If you don't know, I teach in an arts-based preschool program.] The workshop facilitator said 'arts are the single most important thing for children, from the time they can hold a crayon into their teenage years.'
Wow. Ok. I believe her.

Here's two studio spaces for you to see from my friends Christy & Aimee. One detail I love about Christy's space [out of the many details] is her 'secret' note typing station she shares with her daughter, it's so sweet. And Aimee is such a colorful and vibrant person, her creative world amazes me.

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday's post and sharing about your wonderful weekends. You're very sweet. I've enjoyed coming home at the end of my day today and yesterday to read them.

till sometime in the near future,