on paper

Good afternoon,
I'm on my [self-imposed] quick lunch break and wanted to give you a glance inside the studio today. The top image shows paper pieces I like to have around me, from wonderful people. And below, I'm finishing up the art cards for subscribers and will send them out this coming Monday, yay! I'm having fun making them and am getting ready to add the pinhole details after I make this post.

I really like working on paper. Well actually, the word 'love' is more appropriate here. I do love it. I love the tactility of the paper's surface; from the smoothness of my favorite watercolor paper to the bumpy pattern of a common paper towel. And I do save all my watercolor blotters [you can see the stack in the photo].

Paper yumminess-
+ the most beautiful letterpress personalized bookplates, made by my friend Christy.
+ doily coasters made from newspapers.
+ and I know there were more links I wanted to share but now I don't know where I put them. oh well. later.

And a couple thank you's to Julie and to Ez.

If I don't see you before the weekend, have a great one!