Inspired : September

Jen's September Inspired photo {above} makes me so happy; the yellow dot shapes, the strings, the layers, the softness. I'm just gonna sit here and look at it, ok? {She's posting my piece for September too.}

Today >>>
> I mailed the first art cards off to their homes! The whole process of making the art, and the pinhole name cards, tucking them inside their sleeves & paper bags, tying them with ribbon, writing the little notes with a quill and ink,,, it all was so special to me. I hope each person will like their tiny art pieces.
> I worked on an exciting project, which I hope to be able to tell you about soon, I'm waiting for the a|ok from the project coordinator.
> My allergies are driving me insane, so I picked up some new medicine, I hope it works.
> Have you seen Shari & Sheri's new endeavor?
> I love animals and this sweet dog story.
> The sun returned!

How was your day?