good morning

Good morning!

How are you today? My week has been quite busy and by the number of unread feeds I have in my bloglines I can tell you've been busy too! I hope to visit you tonight, I don't like missing how you are and what you're doing. :)

I would like to tell you how sweet this lady and her family are [but you already know]. They posted a little suprise that really just made my heart sing. Thank you A.
The photo above is another view of our pair yesterday. I am captivated by all the shadowy fluff and willowy lines in her image. I look forward to our project every single day because Alicia is just the best to work with. She really, really is.

You know the sunny, warm photo of Jen's from our September Inspired? She has another "stack up" photo just listed in her shop.

Did I forget to mention that Tuesday we posted a new echoes collection?

In each collaboration I feel so fortunate to work alongside beautifully talented artists and catch glimpses of what they are seeing. I'm learning more about the act of "seeing" and more about these ladies. And I love that. Thank you Alicia, Rachel, Emily, and Jen.

I was going to tell you about the other project I worked on that I hinted about. For now, here is a link, and here, to explain [since I have blabbed way more than I thought]. There's a stellar line-up of artists involved so I hope you'll go see! [Perhaps next week I'll give you a bigger peek at my part in it.]

One last thing, I will be adding a few pieces to the shop this evening around 6pm. cst.

Thank you for reading all this! I'll 'see' you soon.